mardi 14 juillet 2009

A purple fetish.

Waiting for the metro to arrive, with his purple friend on his laps... Another victim of the Tubby Trauma?

lundi 13 juillet 2009

Early winter morning sun.

A lot easier to stand the cold when the sun shines through the window, so early in the morning.

jeudi 9 juillet 2009

Pick a card.

It seems that Chilean men have a little thing with magic... The gentleman with the hat was yesterday night (and probably all day as well) doing a demonstration and selling items to entertain friends and family at home...And passers-by just loved it!!

mercredi 8 juillet 2009

Playing Taka-Taka in San Jose de Maipo

Pool, fussball (taka-taka) or ping-pong available to everyone who wants to share a great moment of fun with friends and/or family for a very small price. Nothing better than getting together on a Sunday afternoon in this cute little village in the mountains.

mardi 7 juillet 2009

An impressive firetruck.

The 1st Fire Brigade of the Santiago Fire Department owns this beautiful American vehicle, that always catch passers-by's attention... And more than anyone, kids like to pose in front of this red rocket always spotless clean!

lundi 6 juillet 2009

At the Chinese supermarket.

Isn't that just so classy?? this beautiful Chinese woman sitting on the toilets, reading a fashion magazine...thanks to this "Defecation Tea"... Don't you just like Chinese supermarkets?

Dear Ludwig van B.

San Jose de Maipo is a quiet little village 35 kilometers of Santiago, in the mountains. It is peaceful, and very very cold in this time of year. There is a little park, right in the center of this town, where people gather to tchat, play Taka-Taka (fussball), pool, or have a look at the crafts market. And there is this stone, this weird face with a citation from Ludwig van Beethoven, probably listening to some sonate or symphony, facing the beautiful Cordillera...

Virus Alert!

Dropping off some backpackers at "La Casa Roja", one of the best guesthouses in Santiago, this little note at the reception desk caught my attention... I would have to say now that it doesn't matter if you're coming from the U.S.A or Peru, or Argentina because this AH1N1 is now a pandemy... A nice global virus we all share!! And in Chile just as much as everywhere else...if not more.

vendredi 3 juillet 2009

On the way to school.

"Thank God it's Friday" must be thinking those kids on their way to school, on a very cold morning. The big sister is in charge of her siblings and they will all take the metro to get to class on time... And soon will come the winter holidays...maybe even today when the bell rings?

jeudi 2 juillet 2009

Under a blood red sky.

Photo taken in Farellones, a Chilean ski resort, 45 minutes away from Santiago. This is what you get when you manage to get out of the smog...Definitely worth it, isn't it?

mercredi 1 juillet 2009

A Chilean dog's life.

Those poor dogs are freezing cold, living in the street, nowhere to go. There are thousands of them, running free in Santiago, abandoned by careless people who buy puppies as presents for their kids. Puppies get bigger, and they are not as cute, they eat a bit more and they become a burden... Everything but agressive, those dogs are only looking for TLC (tender loving care)...